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The trainings have started in our centre that has the Design Factory, Robotics Laboratory and Digital Design Studio.
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Arts, Sports, Science… The students are acquiring various skills in the After-School program.
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Founded to make our students experience amateur radio programming in our school, Radio Kültür is on air.
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For new beginings...

EducatIon In Kultur Is unIversal.

LIfe In Kultur Is enrIched wIth dIfferent vIews

Each student Is unIque In Kultur

Success Is rewarded In Kultur

ConfIdence and happInes comes fIrst In Kultur famIly.

Happy endIngs In Kultur mean beautIful begInnIngs.

EducatIon In Kultur Is the accumulatIon of a half century.

FamIlIarIze yourself wIth the Kultur World more closely.