Kültür College Alumni Association was founded in 1989. The purpose of the association is to bring graduates of Kültür together with their teachers and students, forming a concept of solidarity and unity; and carrying Kültür College further by organising activities to move it forward as big family. Kültür College Alumni Association made their ‘Macaroni Timbale’ Meeting Day a tradition and it brings ten thousands of the school’s graduates together in the first Sunday of June every year, giving certificates of honour to those who graduated 20, 40 and 50 years ago. The magazine of Pupa Yelken that provides a continuity of communication among the graduates, covers news from Kültür schools, Kültür University, “the pool of scholarship” and alumni and every sort of social and cultural bulletins. One of the main purposes of Kültür College alumni is to create the difference. This is revealed by the pool of scholarship. During the educational process in Kültür College, students who came to financial impossibility are provided a non-refundable grant to let them complete their education successfully, to make them feel they are not alone and help them become benevolent individuals to the society.