SInce 1960

The Akıngüç family's ‘service for children’ has continued for over 80 years. Halil Akıngüç (1900-1957) trained as an engineer in Germany. After working as an electric engineer for a while, he worked as an German language teacher in Eskişehir.  He established Turkey's first private language school Kültür Dersevi (1932). At the same time, he was the manager of the Turkish office of the German-based school Fernschule, the head office of which was in Berlin and was supplying engineering education by correspondence. After moving the Kültür Dersevi to Istanbul in 1943, Halil Bey worked as founder and manager of Kültür Dersevi in Laleli, Istanbul until his death in 1957.

Fahamettin Akıngüç, the founder and first manager of Istanbul Kültür Educational İnstitutions since 1960, is the son of Halil Bey.  Fahamettin Bey also received an engineering education.  He worked as a teacher in Kültür Dersevi when he was a student. After graduating from İTÜ, he worked as engineer and building contractor for a while.  By combining engineering with the education field, he achieved a number of 'firsts' in his own schools, in other private schools of Turkey (during his employment as the head of turkish private schools) and in the Ministry of Education.

Today, İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions has been continuing its presence in its third generation through Ful Akıngüç, Lale Akıngüç and Bahar Akıngüç Günver, the daughters of Fahamattin Bey.  The third generation received a different kind of education but still chose to continue their carreers in the education field like their father and grandfather.


The history of İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions began in Bahçelievler, Istanbul on 26 September, 1960.  In those years private schools were not so well known or prefered by society.  İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions managed to achieve the trust of the community by following world-wide developments in education.  İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions has an understanding  of education as an individual concept but had to give up its educational life in 1978 because of the political chaos and union movements in the country. However, it was only two years away from the education field.  In 1980, Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions opened its doors again.

In its educational institutions (from kindergarten to university), it contiued its education service complying with the neccessities of the century and students' needs, in Şirinevler, Haznedar and İncirli campuses until 1992. After moving to Ataköy 9. Kısım campus in 1992, Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions has met important requirements in that reagon.  It continues to provide children from ages 4 to 18 with high quality education in high technology environments for the children from 4 years to young people up to age 18 with integrity and continuity 

Besides continuing the current education in  Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions, the founders and managers of  Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions (Akıngüç family) have always wished to establish a prestigious school built in an completely empty area, where the most popular practices would be implemented there. They realized their wish by establishing Alkent Kültür2000 schools in 1998-1999.  With its bilingual structure, its curriculum arranged according to Multiple Intelligence Theory, its MYP (middle years programme) which is applied for students aged between 11-16 in many countries by International Baccalaureate Organization and with its physical infrastructure, Kültür2000 was establised to serve the new world's modern people. It has successfully continued to serve for more than ten years. Today, it has 2 kindergartens, 1 elementary school, 1 middle school and 1 science high school.

Today, Kültür and Kültür 2000 Schools occupy an important place in our educational sector as being a pioneering and dynamic establishment, with the power it takes from its historical legacy, graduates and employees. Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions has completed the last circle of its chain through the establishment of Istanbul Kültür University by 'Kültür College Educational Association' in 1997-1998 and became an establishment which provides a lifetime education from kindergarten to university.