EducatIonal Technology Center

The Data Processing Center at İstanbul Kultur Education Institutions was founded by our board chairman Mrs.Ful Akıngüç Över.

Our Information Technology Center has made a point of providing innovations in information systems since that time.

Both our Ataköy and Alkent campuses are equipped with current, powerful and seamless information technology infrastructures.

Our Campus System provides resource-sharing, communication and data storage services from a single center.  Both our campuses are linked to the Internet via fiber technology.

All our teachers are given up-to-date portable computers.  Mathematics, Statistics, Science and Social sciences applications are available in addition to office applications.  Class presentations can be supported by interactive whiteboard projection.

Student data is recorded in the student information system,  Our students and parents have immediate access to their grades and absenteeism records online .

All courses are enriched with visual content and have been integrated into Kültür's Computer-Aided Training and education System (CATS).  Our students can access the teacher’s assignments, tests and quizzes using private passwords which are given to them.  Assignments are assessed by teachers on the system.

The Information Systems and Technology Group  and  the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences worked collaboratively to put CATS into practice.



  • Creates a manageable platform for education and training
  • Establishes a network of interpersonal and social communication
  • Allows content to be created and used
  • Provides users content management and an opportunity to share
  • Allows content to be accessed in an interactive way

All resources provided by our Information Center located on campus can be accessed from the wireless access point 72.  Wireless Internet access is open to all parents who come to visit our school.