Our PartnershIps

Since our school is connected to İKEK, some partnerships and suppliers are determined through initiatives by our general management. The partnerships and suppliers at our school are categorized as internal or external. Internal partnerships and suppliers are units, schools and companies within İKEK.  External partnerships and suppliers are establishments outside the institution with which we are in constant contact.


Our Internal Suppliers


Head Office Units:

ARGE, KÜGEM, BİM, ÖDEM, Budget Office


İKEK schools:

Preschool, elementary, middle and high school




KÜMED (Kültür Alumni Association)


Kültür Education Foundation (KEV)


İKEK companies:

Özakın İnşaat

Akpaz Catering

YABA Yayın Basım AŞ


Our external Suppliers and Main Partnerships


Ministry of Education, Provincial and District offices


Governorship, Bakırköy District Governorship, Bakırköy Municipality


Non-Governmental Organizations


Educational institutions (such as other schools, universities, and private course providers)


Individuals and organizations providing counseling services.


Subcontractor firms:

Cleaning, Security, Textile, Books, Shuttles


Banks, Financial establishments