Research and Development

Measurement and evaluation at our schools

The main purpose behind the measurement and evaluation office is to increase effectiveness by determining the results of tools and techniques of measurement implemented at our schools, including exams, in-class activities, performance assignments, presentations, projects and interpretation.

The targets of measurement and evaluationare:

  • observing students’ success,
  • observing teachers’ success,
  • observing the school's success,
  • increasing effectiveness of the teaching process,
  • reporting the success of students and the school in national and international examinations,
  • providing information to teachers, administrators and parents.

Evaluation of a student’s learning process can be carried out using various techniques.  However, evaluation in education is much more than a combination of individual techniques.  Effective evaluation begins with the identification of achievement targets and determining how much time is needed to reach them. It ends with implementing steps to tackle the missing points and to reinforce strengths.