Human Resource

Human Resources, Recruitment and Placement

The Human Resources (HR) department is involved with announcements of manpower needs at all levels, the receipt and evaluation of applications, and the finalization of contracts with İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions.

Announcement of manpower needs

The Coordinator of Schools will decide in December whether or not any general administrator-teacher announcement will be posted and, if so, then with which tools this shall be done by checking the posting archives in order to keep the institution’s application pool current.

Manpower need shall be determined by the second week of March at the latest.  Then, the fields where manpower is needed most and the common qualifications of the candidates shall be decided and announced.

Receipt of Applications

All the applications made to our institutions shall be registered to the İKEK HR database by the HR department.

The HR department creates a pool of candidates selected from the database, according to qualifications and competencies determined by the Board of Directors and coordinators for that year.  Qualified applications are submitted to the upper administration who then selects candidates to be interviewed.

Evaluation of Applications

The second step of recruitment is to evaluate the application of candidates who are appropriate for the institution and to conduct the interviews. This process may change according to the positions in question.