Our school has recently started to use a new database system to allow you to follow your child's education.


The system, K12NET, gives relevant people the opportunity to examine each student's situation. It helps students to see the lessons and subjects where they feel the need to improve. It also helps teachers to direct their students to supplementary and make-up work and helps students and parents arrange remediation with their teachers.


K12NET makes it possible to access a variety of information about the situation of students’ education anywhere at any time.  All one needs to do is connect to http://kultur2000.k12net.com from any computer with an internet connection using the specific username and password given to student and parents.


K12NET allows relevant people access to:

  • Mock exam results
  • Curriculum
  • Teachers
  • Absenteeism records
  • Personal Development
  • Guidance procedures
  • Study recommendations


The system is a medium of communication between parents, school administrators, guidance units and teachers.