Why Kültür

As parents we want the best for our children, who are so precious for us. That’s why we wish for them the best possible education.  When they reach school age, we start looking for the school that will make our children happy and successful and will help them develop into good citizens.  For the last decade there has been an overwhelming variety of schools to choose from. You will likely ask yourself, which one is the best for our child?  Do we prefer the new ones or the ones that have been in the educational field for many years?  Finding the answer is not easy.  Every parent has their own answer.

Kültür Koleji’s ‘service for children’ has continued for 55 years.  This is a quite a long time for an educational institution.  In Turkey, there are relatively few schools of this kind that have also provided education for a long time.  The number of private schools has been steadily increasing within the last few years. However, Kultur Koleji has sustained its educational life from kindergarten to university by virtue of its own constitution.

Kültür Koleji’s alumni have a strong record of enrolling their children and grandchildren in the Kültür schools today.  This is a testament to the confidence they have in the Kültür organization of schools, as a family of institutions providing the best of educational opportunities.

The Akıngüç family include the Kültür Educational Institutions’ founder and current managers.  Four generations have continued to serve students by following the educational innovations in the world and being a pioneer of educational practices in Turkey.