Kültür ConstItutIon


1. The Kültür Vision

İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions provides education and training directed towards national, universal and civilized values and based on in international criteria.  They aim to take their place among the most successful educational institutions in Turkey and the European Union.


2. The Kültür Mission

Kültür’s duty is to ensure the development of its students at the highest levels by accepting each student as a whole, mentally, emotionally and physically; to equip students with civilized values and to prepare them for upper education and for life as well.  The goal is to raise students who, by the end of their education, are individuals and citizens who are respectful, full of life and love, self-confident, happy, ethical and successful.


3. Kültür is Kemalist

A member of Kültür always aims, in Atatürk’s words, to sustain his principles and revolutions “in the guidance of science and reason” and to “rise above the level of contemporary civilization”.  This goal is his “dynamic ideal”.  Special attention is given to guide students to this awareness.


4. Kültür is modern

Kültür observes contemporary developments in education and training and puts these developments into practice.  It adopts development and progress by means of civilized science and technology and promotes it through the institution. It views civilization as the validation of reason, science and values that are based on thought and understanding.


5. Kültür is global

Kültür students learn other languages besides their mother tongue and how to use of developing technologies in order to protect their universal values and communicate with world.  They are curious about different cultures, ideas and approaches.  A member of the Kültür community follows and listens to people regardless of their background, welcomes them warmly and is enriched by them. 


6. Kültür is child-centered

Kültür’s students are precious.  Parents entrust them to the guidance of the teachers and the institution for the sake of the children’s education.  It is essential to focus on the students’ development and to recognize them as unique and special individuals with rights and responsibilities.  The most basic principle of the Kültür approach is service to the child, unconditional love and acceptance without prejudice.


7. Kültür follows a multi-faceted approach

Kültür believes that education should be versatile and flexible according to mental and learning capacities of the students and according to the needs of society. It is open to any opinions, thoughts and judgments in every subject.  It believes in listening to and criticizing opposing views in a democratic way.


8. Kültür is process-oriented

Kültür does not only care about the achievement of the knowledge, it also cares about assimilation, analysis, synthesis of that knowledge.  Kültür students strive to process knowledge, to extend and deepen their knowledge and to construct new understanding.


9. Kültür is progressive

Kültür always searches for continuous improvement and innovation.  It believes that current situation is never enough and accepts that 'better' is always possible in every subject.  Progress, developing improvement, a search for value-adding change and innovation are at the core of all steps of the Kültür education.


10. Kültür is visionary

Kültür school principals, assistant principals, heads of departments and all teachers are experts who support the vision of the school. Administrators and teachers practice responsible leadership by providing guidance and support and by modeling the organizations shared values.  A Kültür leader investigates possibilities and acts on the one which will give the best results for the community as a whole.


11. Kültür’s education is learning-centered

The main point of a Kültür education is the principle of 'learning to learn'.  It is based on the student’s awareness of what 'learning' is and has the goal of instilling 'life-long learning'.  Kültür teachers do not forget that they are also continuous learners as well.  The learning and teaching processes thus become a natural part of life, not something that requires imposition or coercion.


12. Kültür’s education is holistic

Kültür believes that the people, society and the world form a whole.  Similarly, lesson subjects and plans are inseparable from each other.  Therefore, a Kültür education draws connections between lessons and topics outside their fields.  Kültür believes that science, mother and foreign languages, mathematics, social and cultural studies, art and sport all complement each other in the students’ spiritual and physical development.  Kültür fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.


13. Kültür is quality-oriented

Kültür administrators, teachers and all other employees care about quality.  For them, quality means the high academic success of the student and the student’s opportunity to prepare for an upper educational institution, an occupation and life.  Quality means a continuous improvement in service and in innovative approaches.  It means consistent striving towards the school’s mission and vision, leadership, team work and collaboration, self-control and self-development.


14. Kültür pays attention to technology

Kültür follows developments in new and popular technologies in education and practice, and puts efficient learning tools into practice. It recognizes that appropriate progress in technology is intertwined with a stable culture, philosophy and ethics.  The use of technology is not a goal in itself, but rather is a tool to help achieve more of our vision and mission.  Kültür embraces technology as a beginning to explore the changes and transformations that the future brings.


15. Kültür is continuity-oriented

Kültür is conscious of the necessity of continuity for stable development in education and training practices in the light of its vision, mission, principles and values. It always continuously strives everywhere to accomplish them.  It seeks opportunities both outside and inside the classroom to further education.


16. Kültür is respectful of thoughts and beliefs

Kültür respects all thoughts and beliefs.  It gives its members the opportunity to express different thoughts and accepts this as a natural human right.  The limits to the freedom of thought and belief are the rights and freedoms of other humans, universal human rights, our national presence and unity and the framework set out by Atatürk's principles and revolutions. 


17. Kültür listens to students

Kültür education, rather than being one-dimensional or one-sided, takes into account of those who are learning and listens to their opinions and thoughts.  Kültür teachers are open to students’ curiosity, questions and problems.  While giving support, they encourage action and model examples, rather than giving advice.


18. Kültür cares about the individual’s talents

Kültür is aware that individuals are born with various talents; therefore, it creates the opportunities and chances to bring these strengths out.  It assumes as its natural duty identifying and supporting the development of students with special skills.


19. Kültür encourages participation

Members of Kültür participate in all departments of the school and in all jobs beginning with the classroom environment.  They participate in all activities and events related with education, training and administration.  For Kültür, participation embodies the idea of collaborative achievement and of the sharing of success in real life.


20. Kültür aims high achievement in three languages

Members of Kültür are aware that three basic languages are the key to success in education and development.  They are: one’s native language, the language of mathematics and a foreign language.  Kültür believes that advanced ability in one’s native language for the achievement of consciousness and capacity is the basic condition for a healthy and effective education.  It is aware that these three languages pave the way for the achievement of knowledge, science and high academic success.


21. Kültür seeks truth

Kültür believes that it is possible to find truth through healthy thinking techniques and approaches based on scientific thought, reason and knowledge.  Kültür aims to get rid of superstitions, obsessions and prejudices.  It cares about students’ internalizing this belief and developing it by combining knowledge with intuitive power. The target is objective and scientific truth in all matters.  

22. Kültür protects nature and the environment

Kültür is aware of our natural and societal environments, and strives to spread awareness of ecological, cultural and historical values.  It encourages students to be respectful to other humans, the world and the natural environment during the students’ development.  It takes a leading role in creating projects aimed at these goals.


23. Kültür is process- and result-oriented

Kültür is aware that education is a process consisting of complementary and supplementary processes based on planned, regular and conscious effort.  It is aware that the Kültür vision and mission can be achieved by working consistently through this process.  It is aware that the desired effect and outcomes can be achieved by this process approach and an unwavering focus on the target.


24. Kültür has strong character

A member of the Kültür community is an example of a strong, stable and good person and citizen.  It aims for the students to be good people and citizens, strong in character and equipped with national and universal values.


25. Kültür values self-evaluation

Kültür values awareness, habits and attitudes of self-evaluation and self-control, starting with itself, in all steps of educational and administrative studies. Educators are models for their students in this regard and care about the development of their students' skills in self-evaluation and self-control.


26. Kültür has an understanding of aesthetics and sensitivity

Members of the Kültür community follow events in the art world closely and support it as a life style.  They reserve a place for aesthetics and sensitivity in their own lives.  Kültür encourages the regular and active participation of its students in events inside or outside of the school. 


27.“Kültür”lü is at the side of peace

“Kültür”lü accepts the principle of placement of peace starting from itself, its institutions, its environment through the country and world and solving the problems with this regard. It gives an importance to listening, understanding and development of understanding in relation and communication. It encourages the people to be sharing and adductive. It is aware that peace is the source of starting points of attitudes and approaches serving for a happy, free and strong life. It strives for the spreading of this consciousness and attitudes.


28. Kültür cares about both being an individual and developing social consciousness

Kültür accepts that each individual is different and has his or her own rights.  Recognizing this is not to be confused with being selfish.  Kültür members are sensitive to society and do not forget to promote social consciousness in every situation.  They do not fail to fulfill their obligations.  Being a dynamic part of society, they strive for  the continuity of societal cultures and values.


29. Kültür believes in its Constitution

Kültür cares about integration between the vision, mission, theoretical and individual principles, values and targets determined in this constitution.  Its members care about being positive models of leadership identity.  They work towards developing themselves, the institution and society.  They are proud of their place in the Kültür community.