InternatIonal Projects

İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions attach importance to international projects while raising up individuals serving the needs of 21st century. Therefore, the school encourages various projects and exchange programs by communicating with worldwide educational institutions and organizations. Some examples of these projects are:


Projects and Exchange Programs carried out by Harvard University:

The project of ‘Our Musical and Cultural Heritage’ was performed in Boston, U.S.A in April 2011.  In this project, with the participation of 25 students and teachers, 22 traditional Turkish musical instruments were donated to the Harvard University's World Instruments Collection.  The students made presentations as well.  For this presentation, students of Kültür 2000 College conducted an intensive six-month research project regarding Turkish traditional musical instruments.  The origins of the instruments, their structural characteristics, usage, chord patterns, cultural presence and masters were the main focus areas of the research.

In an another project, 50 students and faculty members from Harvard University had the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture and İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions in May 2012. Both institutions' choirs performed concerts together. 


NASA Space Campus Contest:


Kültür 2000 students received certificates and awards from the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  The Space Campus Contest is organized by the NASA Space Community.  500 international projects compete each year in May before a jury consisting of astronauts and scientists.

Kültür2000 College students received the Special Jury Prize in 2012 and ranked second in 2013. Their projects were in the categories “What is Waiting for the World in the Future?” and “Designing Livable Areas in Space with all its Functions”.


Italy World Education Festival:

The performances of Kültür2000 College students in fields of English, Music, Visual Arts and Sciences received numerous awards and a world championship at the World Wide Festival Competitions held in San Remo, Italy.


Scotland / Edinburgh Imaginate Festival:

Kültür2000 Middle School students participated in a festival organized in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 2012-13 academic year. In this non-competitive festival, students met with their peers from different countries and exchanged information and culture. 


International Children's and Youth Choirs:

İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions Choirs have joined hundreds of international students to perform “World Peace Concerts” in the halls and streets of Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, Milano, Boston and New York since 2004. 


New York’s Dwight School:

Kültür 2000 students have been collaborating on projects - particularly in the fields of English, Music and Sports - both in New York and in Istanbul with Dwight School, one of the well-known IB schools of New York.