We can collect the year-long synergy between İstanbul Kültür University and İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions under the heading of “Studies Related to Parents, Teachers and Students.”

The cooperation that continues whole year is realised by İKÜ (İstanbul Kültür University) professors, by seminars for increasing the consciousness and awareness of the mothers and fathers. As İKEK (İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions) family, among our primary objectives are to see our parents in every sort of scientific, artistic and cultural studies. For this, our students’ parents can attend all social and cultural activities in İKÜ Akıngüç Auditorium all year long and free of charge.

Two principles we never abandon on the studies aimed on our teachers are, the conceptions of “education and continuous development.” İKEK (İstanbul Kültür Educational Institutions) teaching staff presents our students the studies carried out in school that are based upon scientific principles and gets regular supervising support from the İKÜ (İstanbul Kültür University) academicians. Besides, within the context of “continuous education” through the year, most of the in-service training seminars for our teachers are given by İKÜ academicians too.

As a part of the cooperation between İKÜ-İKEK, there are also multi dimensioned studies with our students that span all the academic year. Majority of these studies consist of our students’ “professional enhancements” and “future plans.” Within this context, Kültür schools’ students who are seen as a part of a continuous education, always feel the university’s academic support. Career introductions, professional guidance interviews, guest student programs at the departments that are seen suitable for students’ talents, are prepared by İKÜ academicians. Also to prepare them for the university, they are invited as guests to the applied lessons at our university’s laboratories and classrooms; and other applied practices such as participation to sport and art activities in various fields.