TRAVEL GUIDE 2022-2023

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, we will organize as Kültür Schools the following trips; Which we have  divided into the following groups  Scientific, Artistic, Cultural and Sportive.Our primary goal in the trips we will organize is to help our students learn while having fun with the support of our teaching staff. We will create opportunities for our trips to support education in our school and to continue education outside the classroom. We will try to ensure that our students exhibit their work at school in international organizations.

We will work to help our students make new friends on trips, be introduced to  new sports branches, see new places and recognize new cultures, in short, become people of the world.

By offering different options, we have expanded the range of preferences according to the interests of our students.

We are waiting for them in our educational trips, camps and events that we will do at home and abroad, and we appreciate  your participation.


Kultur College has achieved many firsts for 63 years since its establishment and the perspective it brings to students is both local and national and  in face becoming more universal than national. As an institution that provides education to our students in line with universal and contemporary values ​​and at international standards, entering international competitions, projects and organizations within the scope of our education program have an important place in raising them as "world citizens".

Our aim is to enable our students to take part in scientific, artistic and sportive activities that leave their mark on the world agenda, and to provide them with a cultural and universal awareness in the unique atmosphere of science, art and sports.

Each year, in October, Nobel Prize winners are announced by the Swedish-based Nobel Foundation. The Nobel Prizes are the awards given by the foundation established by Alfred Nobel, a famous Swedish chemist, to encourage those who serve humanity. This year, between 7-11 October, 2022 Nobel Prize Winners have been announced.

These developments, which we carefully monitor every year in order to direct our students to scientific studies; It is handled in the form of an educational program consisting of various activities in order to provide our students with the Importance of the Nobel Prizes for Humanity and Nobel Awareness.

It is very valuable for us that the week that includes December 10 is celebrated as Nobel Week in Oslo and Stockholm every year and that the heart of the whole world beats, especially in Stockholm. In this context; Our students contacted scientists who were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prizes and interviewed for the December 2017 issue of our Innovation Culture magazine.

Afterwards, we became the only Turkish school to attend the ceremony as guests of the Swedish Royal Family.

In line with our mission, in order to increase the interest of our students in science, to bring them together with scientists who have made history in the world, and to develop their vision of science culture, we organized our educational trip with the theme of NOBEL MEETING with our students and teachers within the scope of our Nobel Prizes for Humanity and Nobel Awareness activities. We will participate in the Nobel events in Oslo and Stockholm between 7-11 December 2022.