Okullar KoordInatöründen

Dear parents,

Today, as educators, students' expectations and characteristics play a decisive role on the road to success, along with their equipment.

Meeting the expectations of the students in a balanced way and raising individuals who can produce more, think multi-dimensionally, question, develop creativity and think scientifically, as well as prepare them fully equipped for a higher education institution, are among our educational goals in today's world where consumption is so fast.

Those born since 2000 are called “Generation Z”. They are the children of the digital world…

In order for the Z generation, who can access and consume information very quickly, not to create a consumption society, it is necessary to evaluate their speed around the aim of "producing and developing" and to create and maintain a school environment in which they can develop in many ways.

For 63 years, our institution, which has gained the trust, love and appreciation of families and children in every period it has provided education, has always preserved its respected place in the sector thanks to the school environment and educational understanding it has created, this institution, continues to work in a way to appeal to the Z generation with the applications it has made in this period of the information age, where technological developments are experienced at the speed of a storm.

In this context, we appeal to the Z generation with our innovation and science centers, internet-based school radios, closed-circuit television broadcasts, libraries with digital research departments, and environmental projects which we have established in our schools.

On the way from kindergarten to university, as the big Kültür Family, I believe that we will achieve many successes in this academic year, with a staff that always puts the student at the center and adopts first love and then knowledge, with my kindest regards.