Da Vınci Innovation Center

Nowadays, the big technological advancements in the world are changing the student profile too, presenting them the chance for analytic thinking, designing, producing and using their enterprising skills. This situation means the traditional education practices need to change. So our aim on learning-teaching process should be to have the students acquire an innovative approach. For the students to gain this perspective, it is a requirement for us to update our educational program and learning environment. Based on all those facts, we came forward with the idea of founding an innovation centre so that the culture of “creativity, production and enterprising” to be developed in the top level. Da Vinci Innovation Centre is a complex that consists of Design Factory, Robotics Laboratory and Digital Design Studio. These units have the capability to work separately or cooperatively.

Educational programs and workshops such as Coder Dojo, Arduino, Sketch Up, Robot Programming, Algorithm and Coding, Mobile Programming, Web Design, Video Production, Graphic Design, Musical Design, Digital Photography, Architecture, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Model Airplanes and Model Ships will begin. Aside from these educational programs, Da Vinci Innovation Centre will also be used in the process of making projects about lesson content. Innovation Centre is situated on an area of 400 m2 with its specially designed equipment and technological substructure, being able to serve 100 students at the same time. In our centre, there are 3 dimensional printer, 23 inch screen computers for digital design, robotic sets, Ardunio sets and numerous special materials.