The Advanced Placement (AP) program, which will be implemented in Kültür College Anatolian High School, has added an international dimension to foreign language education. Students are offered opportunities to produce ideas and science on a universal scale through international curricula in the process of setting goals and realizing their goals. Advanced Placement, a program created in the United States and spread all over the world, is implemented in more than 60 countries outside the USA.  This program which is implemented in very few American Schools in Turkey is considered one of the most important international degree programs.

The program offers students the opportunity to take university-level courses while they are still in high school and to be exempted from these courses at  university, with both the content and processing of the courses and the way that they measure knowledge. Advanced Placement, also known as the Advanced Placement Program, aims at excellence in education and requires strong, comprehensive and hard work. AP, which is an extremely intensive education program, is among the steps that shape the future careers of students. The Advanced Placement program, which is evaluated by 3300 universities worldwide, consists of 38 different courses in 6 different fields.

AP Capstone dipolma program consisits of  Art, English, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Technology, and Science as well as the world's languages ​​and cultures with more than 30 courses overseas the AP program and gives exemptions to courses in some universities in Turkey as well as  completion credits and scholarships and increases the chance of getting in offers.