KIndergarten Ataköy

Kültür Ataköy Anaokulu (Kindergarten)

Life's Golden Age: Pre-school years

Distinguished Parents

The early childhood covering 0-6 years is a period during which the child’s growth is the fastest, his personality is shaped and the child continually changes. The pre-school education is the process of socialization by which child shows active participation, uncovers his hidden abilities and develops his interest areas. Supporting psychomotor, social-emotional, cognitive and language development of children plays a crucial role in the following education periods.

As the children accept their peers at the kindergarten, they embrace their own existence and develop self-confidence. In this sense, all the activities and events at our school offer every opportunity for the formation of this confidence. During this period, the most important point is to observe the child carefully. It is very important to see and understand when, under what conditions with whom the children demonstrate harmonization. For this reason, children need not only those who teach but also those who provide guidance and who are expert in their respective fields. The duty of the teachers is to create the required environment to support the development of students and their active participation, to observe and assess their development. To this end, our school offer physical environments where different kinds of stimulants are presented and where there are opportunities for learning via practice.

We aim at educating individuals who like to learn new things, ask questions, who is good at investigating, questioning and who knows personal rights and who show the same level of sensitivity to the rights of others. In reaching our objectives, school-family collaboration is one of the elements that we care about most. The fact that parents and teachers cooperate to reach educational objectives will ensure that the appropriate attitudes will be consolidated both at home and in school environments.  

We, as a part of Kültür Eğitim Kurumları (Kültür Educational Institutions) aim at educating individuals who are creative, sensitive, confident, balanced and principled and who are good at questioning, thinking and communicating.

We will be proud of welcoming you at our schools hoping that we will be together by your children, who are the source of our success, love and affection, at their first step into the real life.

Yours sincerely ...


The Manager of Kültür Ataköy Anaokulu