KIndergarten Florya

Dear Mothers and Fathers,

Our target is to increase the mental, emotional, social and physical potentials of our children and lay necessary foundations to create a brilliant future by developing their abilities in top level. Many activities performed in Preschool are constituted within different education models, scientific researches and development strategies.

The education and training applications are realized within High/Scope approach concept at Kultur College Florya Preschool. Application of efficient learning strategies constitutes the basis to develop the human potentials and abilities in top level according to High/Scope approach. The effective learning is defined as a learning form that the children create new structures and new openings in their own thought system to get new information or a new approach by engaging in objects and interacting directly with people, incidents and emotions. The main purpose of High/Scope educational approach is to develop a child’s identity in which s/he makes free choices, takes free decisions, knows mutual trust and respect, develops self-confidence, self-regard, communication skills, initiative, empathy, free will, strong courage and responsibility acknowledge, leads his/her own learnings and life by herself/himself, which has self-control and follows the rules, acquires appropriate social skills, solves the problems automatically, develops studying habits and possesses an inner discipline.

The children behave accordingly their own purposes and interests by choosing amongst the material options in the direction of their individual preferences in our Preschool. They plan what to do with chosen materials by thinking according to their own interests. They use the right of taking decisions proper to their own plans. They use the materials in an original and creative way. They harmonize with the environment by examining and recognizing the truth heading to the outer world. They develop their creativeness. They undertake responsibilities. They solve the problems on their own. They create a constant communication and interaction with friends and teachers while playing. Thus, the learning becomes more meaningful, enjoyable and permanent.

The positive communication and interaction strategies are applied amongst children, teachers and adults in our preschool within High/Scope approach.

Our main focus is on students strengths. Our teachers discover the children’s potentials and abilities of the children in an ambiance having mutual love, respect, interest, understanding and responsibility sharing. The teachers achieve this task by considering each child as unique, watching their natural fields of interest and requests, providing opportunities to maintain their natural interests and realize their requests pertain to each child and setting them free to use these opportunities.

Our teachers provide children to establish a right of choice, leadership, individual expression, communication and interaction opportunities. The international program GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) is applied in our preschool. GEMS prepare children for maths and science with discoveries, researches and examination by providing an active participation. It is an effective learning, student-centered and scientific based programme.

An international character education program, which includes the subjects such as love, respect, peace, reconciliation, friendship, responsibility, honesty and tolerance, is applied in order to make children recognize and adopt the value judgments of our society and regulate their behaviours accordingly. We hope to be together in our preschool in which our children participate in life enthusiastically and develop themselves and their environments fondly.


  Gul Sacide Ozcifci

      School Principle