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Kültür HIgh School

The most important wealth of a country that it has is qualified man power. Kultur School Family being aware of that has put its all energy into education field for three generations with three generation whose roots extends over 1935s; and has believed that the target of ‘’bringing up the conventional civilization levels’’ shown by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk can be only achieved by education.  The ‘’lecture house’’ experience that was started by our Family in 1935 has gathered speed with the foundation of Kultur College in 1960. Kultur College has continued its existence in 59. years of 94 years old Republic with pride along the republic. Thousands students brought up by the school are in a service competition in so many fields. Kultur College has given service to second and third generation children of its graduates.

This web site is prepared to present you sections from its education experiences that we have pioneered from 1960 we started to education and training with 10 classrooms and 143 students to the date, scientific, cultural, sportive and artistic opportunities that we offer to our students and our school life.

Kultur high School constitutes an important ring of Kultur schools. The aim our high school is to make our students gain the ability of recognizing the people and community problems, searching for key of the situation and making contribution to cultural development thanks to a common general culture and also prepare them for HIGHER EDUCATION AND LIFE within direction of their interests and abilities. 

KULTUR HIGH SCHOOL has determined its mission in its strategic plan within this structure as like this ‘’developing intellectual, emotional and physical competencies of the studies at the highest level and brining up them as successful individuals who are equipped with conventional values’’. While achieving this mission, it carries out its attitude as being a school that observes West, adopts convention and global values, carries a torch to Laic Republic of Turkey, adopted Ataturk Principles and Reforms  as a guide and that is continuous, versatile, productive and a leading school.

Kultur High School believes that using only national languages in the education cannot meet the conventional requirements in the world where cultures are intertwined and that is getting smaller. With the slogan of ‘’a language is not enough’’, it PAYS A SPECIAL ATTENTION ON FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDUCATION. Therefore, German language is also educated as second foreign language as well as English language as the first foreign language.

The students who are accepted to our school continue to 9.Class or Prep Class in accordance with English and Turkish placement exam results. As well as an excellent command of English, an excellent command of German language is educated in our high school that a highly dense course program is applied.


Elective course in accordance with the fields that they will be directed in the university are educated to the students since 10. class. Also drawing, music and physical education courses that students choose in parallel with their interests take place in our school program.

Kulture High School is aware of that its graduates will compete with the world science, art, sport and economy thanks to open mind taken from dynamism of its foundation. It aims to make its students gain a respected language passport as well as scientific and social competency fields.

It participates in Mathematic projects competitions organized by TUBITAK and various institutions in the scientific field, sends student to SMAPRT project carried out with USA New Hampshire University in abroad and organized scientific trips with science centres like CERN. It also provides their participation in summer camps primarily USA and England with the aim of developing language levels of the students. Our school also hosts various inter high school cultural and artistic organizations within Istanbul Region.

Our graduate students show success in higher education programs that they desire to participate as domestic and abroad.

Kulture High School will continue being with you for long years by revealing the skills of the students in a libertarian environment that relocates the students in the centre, meeting his/her physical, physiological and social requirements, providing his/her multi functional development and constitution of physical and human power. The visits that you will do with the aim of knowing more about and assessing these opportunities offered by our school will make us so happy.

With by best wishes and regards,