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Kültür ScIence HIgh School

Welcome to Kültür Science High School website.
By visiting our website ,you can follow our students’ academic and social work ,their achievements, successes and the projects that are done for their progress.
The foundation of Kültür Science High School
The idea of establishing  Kültür Science High School emerged from the question ‘ How can we make our gifted students needs of education better?  and the investigations that were made in the USA in 1991.
The resulting product of confidence , experience and fundamental knowledge of Kültür Science High School , has been going on since 1992-1993 Academic Year. Since its foundation, Kültür Science High School that has achieved too many accomplishments,has its power from its successful students , experienced teachers ,dynamic structure .
An extensive Maths and Science education has been applied in Kültür Science High School . Besides , English as a first language and German and Italian as a second language have been taught in our schhol.

Besides the intense academic study, students may participate in club activities in their areas of interest, music, chess, debate, painting, volleyball, basketball and they  will find the opportunity to develop their skills in these areas .
With the belief that success is not a coincidence , we continue working hard to succeed in many areas. These achievements have been proven by our university entrance exams , project works and national and international competitions including primarily TÜBİTAK. 
With 483 projects so far, Kültür Science High School has achieved significant degrees in TÜBİTAK  and in international competitions that are organized by different institutions.
Education is a progress and a changing stage..
At this stage ,We are trying to make our  successful  students world people not only in science and technology fields but in  social and cultural areas .For this purpose , we are giving a special attention to social and sports activities. 
We are  sending students to the SMART projects  carried out by the University of New Hampshire in the USA , we organize trips to scientific centers such as CERN.
We provide summer school camps in the USA and England to make them develop their language skills.
We organize chess tournament every year to bring  teenagers together who devoted themselves to this sport. 

University Entrance  Exam Achievements
Kultur Science High School’s university entrance rates are 100% each year.We would like to indicate that this success is not just a coincidence but the result of a systematic study.
Kultur Science High School has given 814 graduates so far and 90% of them got into university the year they graduated from us.
In our school,University preparatory studies begin in 9th grade .The speed of this planned and systematic study accelerates in grade 12.
 Culture Science High School students are settled in their choice of the top five universities .

Our Graduates
40% of our graduates , especially in the field of health sciences including medicine , 50% in engineering and technical sciences  and  10%  in the field of economics and administrative sciences ,have preferred to study in their further education.
In order to develop an awareness of life we aim to create a guiding impact on our students and apply our practices in this direction.
The  education philosophy, which puts the students in the center ,guides our studies. Our most important principles and values to locate the student in the right place in the globalized world are, mind ,science and following the route in the light of Atatürk’s principles and reforms.
The final stage of secondary education , where students explore  many capabilities  and take important steps in establishing their identity , is a special period that shapes their  targets 
 In this period we wish our students to leave traces which they will remember happily and to be students who look for today’s direction and to be futures healthy and lovingly serving individuals for their country.
Best  Regards.


School Manager