PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Psychological Counselling and Guidance in Our Preschools


Today’s modern education perception is not only concerning the mental development of the students but it also aims their physical, social and mental development. The Guidance Unit provides students to grow up by developing their ability and skills and gain emotional and social maturity in these periods within Kultur Educational Institutions.


The students are listened by receiving respect to confidentiality, reliance and personal rights without being judged during the psychological counselling and guidance. They are assisted to get healthy decisions in various issues by showing clear and honest behaviour.



Purpose and Principles of Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit

The fundamental purpose of Psychological Counselling and Guidance is to support the success and happiness of the students. Thus, the student works cooperatively with the parents, teacher and school management and takes part in required coordination. All studies are maintained with team work model within confidentiality, equality, objectivity, volunteering, reliance, respect and collaboration principles.


Our studies:


The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit deals the development of the student as a whole. It stands by the student in academic issues and all kinds of development processes showing social, emotional, mental and physical qualifications. It provides support to the students in these fields.


The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit applies the studies not only in certain fields that students have difficulty but also in being individuals who are self-confident, healthy minded, happy and that can take their own decisions by supporting also their powerful fields.



Student Oriented Studies  


It supports students to develop awareness about themselves, have inner discipline, solve problems and decide, develop responsibility and get positive self-confidence.


  • Orientation Studies:
  • Student Recognition Studies,
  • Student Observations,
  • Individual Negotiation,     
  • Emotional Follow-up and Support,        
  • Academic Follow-up and Support,
  • Test and Inventory Applications.




Studies Performed with Teachers


The student oriented studies are conducted by performing individual negotiations and meetings within collaboration with teachers to track and increase the development process of the students and support the student in solving the problems if any.



 Studies Performed with Parents


One to one negotiations are performed with the parents by determining the required fields to support the development processes of the students. The negotiations are designated within the needs of the students. By the way, the negotiations are performed via appointment system.


The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit organizes conference and seminars with participation of specialists invited by our school to enlighten and develop the parents in necessary issues.


Moreover, the informative bulletins are sent to the parents for the purpose of guiding them in raising their children.