PrIncIpal's Letter


 Dear Parents,

Atakoy Campus of Kultur Colleges' standards and values are based upon universally and nationally recognised beliefs, and are built on respect for human rights and on the principles of Ataturk. The aim is to raise children that will claim responsibility for science, art and politics. The Campus consists of a nursery school, a primary and secondary school, a high school and a science high school. German and Italian are also included as second foreign languages.

Our teachers and students have the benefit of technological opportunities within our school which are appropriate to the needs of students of all ages. Along with improving our school’s physical and social features our core values are to boost students’ self-esteem with academia, social and sporting life and to develop their sense of responsibility towards academics, individuality, society and the environment.

Students are nurtured to encourage:

- Analytical thinking.

- Excitement in academics.

- Knowledge of scientific method of research

- Interest in sports and arts.

- Sensitivity to the world and the environment around them.

- Productivity.

- Adopting love based on respect.

- Responsibility.

- Strong values and personality

You can find the detailed information about our educational programme, our lessons that make a difference, our individualized education programmes and social activities on our website or school.

With kind regards,