PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance


Psychological Counselling Department guides and provides physiologic support to our –students. We aim our students to accept and develop themselves knowing the environment and ambiance, realizing what to do in these environments, gaining all required competences and life abilities to reveal the capabilities they have and to ease the socialization process.


The counselling services include all the students in education process. Our counselling point of view  requires an educational system focusing on each student. The basis of our department is team work and collaboration which can be provided with anyone (school management, teachers, and parents) who can help the development of the student. The ‘continuity’, ‘volunteering’, ‘respect to individual differences’ are the basis in counselling services and ‘confidentiality’ in physiologic relations.


Counselling Services Intended Students

 Educational Counselling Services

 • Orientation

 • Determination of learning styles of students

 • Gaining effective and productive studying abilities

 • Time management and effective use of time

 • Dealing with exam anxiety

• Gaining thinking abilities

 • Focusing

  Personal/ Social Development

 • Distinguishing and applying school rules

 • Understanding and assessing yourself

 • Understanding and accepting others

 • Understanding and accepting family and society facts

 • Deciding individually, objective setting and conduct

 • Knowing how to act against bullying and fellow pressure

  • Gaining positive communication patterns

 • Dealing with anger

 • Developing self-confidence and self-regard

  • Realizing responsibilities towards nature and environment

  • Developing effective problem solving abilities

  • Realizing and accepting physical and emotional development during adolescence periods

 Individual Negotiations

The studies concerning the different issues that may occur in cognitive, emotional and social areas are performed according to age levels of the students.

The negotiations are started within the applications of students to Psychological Counselling and Counselling Unit in accordance with their needs,

Evaluation of feedbacks conveyed by the parents and/or teachers to Psychological Counselling and Counselling Unit,

Evaluation of applications such as inventory and test implemented by Psychological Counselling and Counselling Unit.

Intraclass Counselling Applications

Intraclass activities are performed monthly to evaluate and provide the behaviour and social abilities targeted at the beginning of the period. The tests and inventories are applied to determine the powerful and need-to develop aspects of students in cognitive and emotional fields.

Group Work Activities

The group works are performed including 8-12 student groups in order to gather the individuals having the same problems and provide group support.

Examples of group works:

-Social ability Group Works

-School Life and Academic Success

-Starting, Maintain and Protect Friendship Relations

-Stress Management

-Correct Communication and Pluckiness Ability

-Anger Management

-Development of Self-Respect

Counselling Services Intended Parents

• Creation of school-family collaboration effective for the student

 • Procuration of supporting the behaviours targeted to be acquired at school

 • Turning negative conditions at home into positive

 • Development of common understanding in participation and application of decisions taken at school

 • Understand and guide the behaviours proper to development level of the student

 • Development of communication skills between parents and child

 • Execution of educational and Professional planning proper to the features of the student

 • Creation of life conditions to development of student in every respect

 • Adoption of positive attitudes towards school and teachers

 • Creation of collaboration for the students having special requirement


The bulletins are prepared to inform parents and/or students in accordance with the needs of parents throughout the year.

All studies of Psychological Counselling and Counselling Unit are ranked in the bulletin published within “Counselling Culture” name in every two months.


The seminars are organized intended the students and/or parents according to the needs and demands throughout the year. The seminars are realized by Psychological Counselling Department experts as single or multiple session information share.

The seminars, in which experts participate concerning various subjects such as profession choice, development periods, adolescence and communication, are organized to inform parents within “Parent School” name.