Projects and ActIvItIes

Kütür Koleji Primary School/ Secondary School Projects:

NUTRITION-FRIENDLY SCHOOL PROJECT: We aim to raise awareness in healthy living by encouraging healthy diet, active life and preventing obesity.

CATS PROJECT: CATS is a “computer aided training systems” application aiming to ensure full and effective participation of the students in education processes.

CATS TEACHER PORTAL: CATS Teacher Portal aims to provide the common access to all kinds of information and documents that the teachers may need related with the school.

ISTANBUL PROJECT: Our city Istanbul which is located on the most unique part of the world, which not only those who live in it but also those outside put their admiration into words. In this context, we will relate the historical depth of this unique city they live in lessons and take them to a journey in old ages by watching documentaries.

It is clear that words will not be enough to express our feelings and thoughts about Istanbul, thinking that it would be inadequate to feel this historical spirit without smelling its history and touching its stone and therefore set the route of our visits to the historical sites. We aimed to have them make correlations between the current structure of Istanbul and its history besides making them visit the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul and have knowledge on its history.

IT’S NOT ONLY A LID PROJECT: We buy wheelchair by collecting all kinds of plastic lids we think of as garbage and deliver the chair to its owner.