PrIncIpal's Letter

Dear Parents

My precious students and honorable teachers

We are excited and happy to have you in our middle school as a part of Kültür family. Keep in mind that the steps you are taking and will take among us will be our light, hope, future and companion. We will grow together, improve together and learn together.

Dear students,

We aim to raise you, Kültür Middle School students, as individuals who have Atatürk’s republic principles and values, and carry you to the highest level possible, approaching your education as a whole in terms of intellectuality, emotionality and physicality. We will be walking together during your education journey, wishing that you will become successful individuals and happy citizens who have self-confidence and ethical values, and are loved and respected.


Dear Parents,

Each of your children is a value entrusted to Kültür and its teachers’ guidance. We truly believe that they will follow the contemporary developments and adopt an education principle based on science and reason during their education careers. I and my colleagues will do the best we can for our children, to whom we will entrust our country, to have the best quality education.

Dear Teachers and Administrators,

Within our school culture, we should always approach our students’ academic development as a whole along with their social and psychological process. We should keep up with the changes and innovations happening in the education system of our country and have a continuously positive school environment. We should aim to raise our students as world citizens within our mission.


I wish that the new academic year will be a successful, peaceful and happy year for Kültür College.

With my best wishes

                                                                                                              Kıymet ALTUNSOY 

                                                                                                               School Principal