PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department provides psychological support for students in knowing, accepting and develop themselves, know the environment and society they are in, comprehend what they can do in the society they are in, realize themselves, acquire the competence and survival skills necessary for displaying all the abilities they have and in the socializing process.

Our guidance services cover all the students in the education process. Our guidance concept provides for an education system centred on the student in all kinds of efforts.  Guidance services are a team work. It is done in cooperation with everybody (School Management, Teachers, Parents) serving the development of the student. Our guidance services are based on “continuity”, “willingness” and “respect to individual differences” and “confidentiality” is a principle in psychological consultancy relations.

Our Guidance Services Devoted to the Students

 Educational Guidance Services

 • Orientation to School

 • Defining the Learning Styles of the Students

 • Giving effective and productive studying skills

 • Time management and using time effectively

 • Dealing with examination anxiety

 • Organizing study environment

• Giving fast and effective reading habit

 • Ability to follow directives

 • Effective use of course materials

 • Summarizing

 • Strengthening memory

 • Giving thinking skills

 • Ability to focus

 • Increasing motivation

 • Giving the skill of listening to the lessons

 • Giving the skill of taking notes



 Personal/ Social Development

 • Being aware of and applying with school rules

 • Understanding and evaluation of self

 • Understanding and accepting others

 • Understanding and accepting the family and society fact

 • Being able to decide, set and objective and carry out individually

 • Knowing how to act against violence and peer bullying

  • To be able to gain positive communication patterns

 • Dealing with anger

 • Developing confidence and self esteem

  • Awareness of the responsibility for nature and environment and knowing the responsibilities for global warming.

  • Developing effective problem solving skills

  • Awareness and acceptance of physical and emotional developments during puberty

 Occupational Guidance Services

 • Becoming aware of strengths and aspects that must be developed

 • Awareness of areas of interest

 • Being aware of the professions around him

 • Explaining that the professions have similar and different characteristics.

 • Awareness of skills

 • Being aware of the importance of working in terms of people and society

 • Explaining the relationship of the courses in school with the professions.

 • Being aware of the importance of choosing a profession.

 • Being aware of the importance of the education and personality characteristics of the profession interested in.

 • Being aware of the importance of skills in choosing a profession.

 • Relating the interests, skills, values and personality traits with the fields/ profession that he will choose.

 • Being able to be aware of the relationship between the field choice and professions.

 • Being able to explain his purposes for the future.


Individual Interviews

Studies on the different issues that may arise in cognitive, emotional and social areas are done according to the age group of the students.

Through the students’ resorting to the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department according to their needs,

By the evaluation of feedbacks conveyed to the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department by the parents and/or teachers,

Through the evaluation of inventory, test, and other practices conducted by the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department.

In Class Guidance Practices

In class Guidance activities are done every month to ensure and evaluate the behavioural and social developments aimed at the beginning of the term. Tests and inventories to identify the strengths and aspects of the students that must be supported are done in the cognitive and emotional areas.

Student-Oriented Group woks

The group works done with the students are carried out with student groups of 8-12 people to bring the individuals who have problems on the same matter together and provide a support group for them.

Examples of group woks:

- Social skill Group Works

- School Life and Academic Success

- Starting, Maintaining and Protecting Friendship

- Stress Management

- Correct Communication and Assertiveness Skill

- Anger Management

- Developing Self Respect







Parent-oriented Guidance Services

• Forming the School- Family cooperation that may be affective for the student

 • Ensuring that the behaviours aimed to be given to the students at school are supported at home

 • Turning the conditions that affect the student negatively at home into positive

 • Developing an understanding in the participation in and application of the decisions taken at school

 • Understanding and directing the behaviours suitable for the development level of the student

 • Developing the communication skills between the parents and the child

 • Making educational and professional plans suitable for the characteristics of the student

 • Creating of the appropriate living conditions that will enable the development of the student in every aspect

 • Enabling the student to adopt positive attitudes towards the school and his teachers

 • Cooperating for students who have special requirements



The bulletins are prepared to inform the parents and/or students according to the needs of the parents within the year.

All studies conducted by the PDR department are included in the bulletin published in every two months under the name of “Our Guidance Culture”.

Please click to access our bulletins.


They are organized for the students and/or parents according to the needs and requests arising within the year. The seminars are given by the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department or specialist of the subject as sharing information in a single session or several sessions.

Seminars participated by specialist in various subjects such as choosing a profession, development periods, puberty and communication to inform the parents under the name of “Mother- Father School”.