PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Guidance and Counselling at our Kindergarten

Todays, the modern educational understanding is not only oriented towards students’ mental development but also physical, social, spiritual growth. In line with philosophy of Kültür Eğitim Kurumları (Educational Institutions) the Guidance Unit ensures the students develop their abilities and skills and acquire emotional and social maturity.


In the process of the guidance and counseling, students are listened to with the principles of privacy, trust, and respecting the rights of others without any prejudices. They are treated openly and honestly and supported to make healthy decisions.  


Objectives and Principles of Guidance and Counseling Unit

The primary objective of the Guidance and Counseling Unit is to help students to be happy and successful. To this end, it works in close cooperation with the students, parents, teachers and school management. All these works are implemented within such principles as privacy, equality, impartiality, volunteering, trust, respect and cooperation.


Our Activities

The Guidance and Counseling Unit considers the student's development as a whole. It is behind the students in the social, emotional, mental and physical development processes. It provides support to students in these areas.

The Guidance and Counseling Unit supports students not only in the fields where they have inabilities but also in the fields where they are strong and carries out activities in an effort to enable them to be at peace with themselves, questioning, spiritually healthy, happy and individuals who can take decisions on their behalf.

Students are supported in terms of awareness about their own development, internal discipline, solving problems and making decisions, the development of responsibility, providing positive self-esteem.

Teachers carry out individual interviews and meetings throughout the year in order to follow and maximize their development process and, if any, to support students in solving their problems.

The required areas are identified in order to support the development processes of students and one to one meetings are held with parents. Interviews are determined in accordance with the needs of the students. Interviews take place through appointment.

Conferences and seminars are held by the experts invited by our school and the Guidance and Counseling Unit in order to clarify issues our parents take interest in.

Informative newsletters are sent in order to guide the parents in raising them.