PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

KültürScience High School Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services are carried out in line with a yearly plan prepared in accordance with student's physical, emotional, social and personal needs.Psychological Counseling and Guidance experts provide services in order to offer support to the students, benefiting from the data of psychology. While providing services, our experts carry out the activities taking into accountpersonality rights, confidentiality and voluntary principles. In our units, systematic and sustained assistance is provided to ensure that the students know themselves and their environment, have the ability to solve problems, have an education towards their interests and abilities, be directed to a profession in accordance with his abilities and show the anticipated compliance.  

The guidance counselor sand classroom teachers share information about general discipline of the class, achievements problems, students who need special support in the meetings they hold every month. The deputy director, teacher and classroom teachers assess each student's academic and behavioral statusin the meetings held at branch level each term. And also in parent-teacher meetings held twice during the year, meetings are carried out in cooperation with class guidance teachers and guidance counselor interviews.

Educational Guidance Applications

We aim at ensuring that the students develop  such positive attitudes and habits in many areas as using time efficiently, ways to study efficiently, plan making and implementation, learning motivation, memory storage without forgetting what they have learned, preparing for exams, usage of resources, developing skills, the elimination of learning disabilities, making educational choices. To this end, in-classroom activities and group studies are carried out.

Vocational Guidance Applications

In our Vocational Guidance Applications, we aim at ensuring that students have knowledge as regards the '' recognition of professions'' and'' recognition of their personal characteristics" and in light of this knowledge, they choose the profession that suits them best. Within the scope of the Vocational Guidance, there are;
• Orientation tests
• Professions promotion and career days
• Promotional tours of universities
• College preparatory releases
• Classroom professional games activities.

Individual Meetings

Activities are carried out as regards different problems to occur in cognitive, emotional and social areas in accordance with their age groups. The problem solving is not only limited to the problem areas but also the students are supported as regards the areas where they are strong and they are ensured to be at peace with themselves, questioning, spiritually healthy, happy individuals who can take decisions on their behalf. Scales, tests and inventories are applied in order to know students more closely and help them efficiently.

The individual meetings held with the parents are carried out through appointmentsin line with their needs or in situations which are deemed necessary by the Guidance and Counseling Unit.


Seminars are held towards students and/or parents in line with the needs faced throughout the year. The seminars are carried out by the Guidance and Counseling Unit orby the experts in the form of information sharing through a single session or several sessions. Seminars like “KÜGEM Parenting School Seminars” are held by the experts on such issues as informing parents, choice of profession, stages of development, adolescence and communication.


The bulletins are prepared in order to inform the parents and/or students in line with the requests and needs determined during the year. In our bulletins for the parents, such issues as attitudes of parents, and the probable problems of adolescence, healthy communication with the adolescent,providing the students with the sense of responsibility, test anxiety and coping methods are discussed.