PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

The Kültür High School Counseling Service provides activities and work for our students, teachers and parents.

Guidance programs are given and implemented during our students’ adolescence according to their needs.  In these counseling programs, individual and group activities support the development of self-confidence, basic social skills and problem-solving skills.

During the guidance and counseling process, counsellors listen to the students and parents on any kind of subject without being judged, unconditionally and in privacy, giving trust and respecting the rights of the person. They will give assistance in healthy decision-making on the consulted matters. In our school's academic structure, the Counseling Service is bound directly to the school principal and works in collaboration with assistant principals, teachers, and other units.

Within the vision our school, our Counseling Service has established its own unique vision and mission.  Our Counseling Service works in all kinds of social events using pedagogical approaches in collaboration with other units.


Individual counseling aims for the development of the student's self-knowledge and growth, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.  It also aims to help the student to grow as a personally and socially balanced individual.

Individual counseling services are provided to students to help students with issues such as:

  • decision-making skills
  • family problems
  • puberty and emotional problems
  • self-esteem, self-confidence
  • friendships and relationships
  • personality issues

Vocational Guidance

In vocational guidance work, students are given the chance to get to know various professions and their personal characteristics in order to choose the most appropriate profession for themselves.  Vocational Guidance activities include:

  • Routing tests
  • Job promotion, career days
  • University trips
  • University preparation bulletins
  • In-class professional activities


The counselling department organizes seminars to ensure that students are equipped to deal with life in high school. Support is provided to students with any kind of problems.  Some examples of counselling seminars:

  • Secondary schools Regulations
  • University examination system details
  • The importance of a signature
  • Learning and Discovery
  • Exam Anxiety and Coping Methods
  • Time Management


Through close cooperation with parents, both the academic and the psycho-social development of each student is followed. Seminars are organized as required.


Classroom guidance activities are carried out at the beginning of the semester to ensure the development of targeted behavior and social skills, to keep track of students' achievements, and to evaluate their development.


Throughout the year newsletters are prepared in accordance with the wishes and needs of parents and / or students to pass on information .

The "PDR Bulletin" is published and shared with you bi-monthly as an e-newsletter .

If you would like personal attention, please arrange an appointment with our guidance counselor:

Guidance counselor : Dilek Ateş
Tel: 0212 559 04 88/1465 internal
E- mail: liserehberlik@kultur.k12.t is