In order to register for our preparatory classes, candidates must graduate from the 8th grade in secondary school and participate in the examination (LGS) prescribed by the Ministry of National Education for entering high school. Candidates may qualify for special enrollment by registering with the school director during the registration period of 345 base points determined according to the LGS score.

Students who are entitled to enroll in the Preparatory Class may directly register to the 9th class if they understand that they are able to follow the classes in the 9th class as a result of the Turkish (Written) and English (Written / Listening-Reading-Understanding) The success of the exam results is that the scores of both courses are 70 points.

Students who have read and successfully completed the preparatory class in a balanced school can apply for the 9th class and transfer within the quota according to the level test prepared by the school and the interview result.

Transfer applications can be made to our intermediate classes from other official and private schools that provide education in accordance with the status of our school. Transfers from middle schools to intermediate classes can be made within the quota according to the level of the exam and interview result of the school.