WInter ActIvIty and Art School

In our winter sport school, we aim to;

- assist our students’ physical, mental and cognitive developments

- enable them learn about friendship, sharing and rivalry through experience

- bring up successful sportsmen according to their interests and abilities In our winter art school, we aim to;

-  develop our students’ cognitive capabilities

- enable them to express their intellectual accumulation in visual forms

- bring up happy and successful students who can express themselves freely, like arts and perceive his/ her own culture.

We expect all our students to participate in our winter sport and art school.

Branches of Art School in Kültür Koleji Secondary School Ataköy Campus

• Piano: The students who get piano lessons make separate practices with teachers specialized in their fields. A program is determined according to the level of the student and the source books are chosen accordingly. Practices related with playing techniques are done besides note and solfege education. Classical music repertory pieces suitable for the student’s level are played in these practices.

  • Visual Arts

It is aimed to provide general information to our students on plastic arts which are a common expression language between cultures. With applied works it is aimed to develop the imagination, creativity and hand skills of our students. The students develop the ability to use the elements of painting language (point, line, light-shadow, light-dark, colour, texture, etc.) in organization, interpretation and creation stages.


The basic purpose of ceramic/ sculpture work done in the kindergarten and primary school is to develop the natural talents and express what they imagine in a perceptible manner with creative activities using clay. Ceramic works contribute to both intellectual and physical development.      The students learn to work in a group, develop their creativity and gain self-confidence by working with clay.  They express themselves more easily. The students’ works are displayed.


The Art of Marbling is one of the most important paper decoration of arts. Like all Ottoman arts, it is learned by master-apprentice relationship and is affected by many variables other than the will of the artist. Marbling is actually a harmony created by the colours’ dance with the water. The young “Marbling Artists” who attend our course learn how the marbling art is made and which materials are needed. Our course students are happy to display their works and share this feeling with those around them.

Branches of Sport School in Kültür Koleji Secondary School Ataköy Campus

  • Basketball:

Our aim is to enable the physical, intellectual, psychological, social and cultural development of our young sportsmen in the universal dimensions of sports, get them interested in basketball, teach our young sportsmen to share their energy and cooperate and have a nature which is productive besides bringing up young sportsmen for the Turkish sports.

  • Swimming:

It is aimed to introduce and make the students love swimming, develop basic swimming skills, strengthen skeletal and muscle structure, competing and winning skills and self-confidence.


Our purpose in the methodical and systematic gymnastic practices done with expert trainers is to develop the physical and mental talents of the children, meet their need to play and enable them to become disciplined, social and confident individuals.

• Soccer

Our primary aim in the training done in the presence of Coaches with Certificates from UEFA is to make the students be grouped according to their ages, love soccer and acquire basic soccer skills. There are organizations like matches with different soccer schools, watching soccer matches of different levels and training in a big stadium at the end of the year in the content of our soccer school.

  • Folk Dances

Turkish Folk Dances have a great contribution to individuals in teaching the wealth of our country, participating in different social groups, making contacts with peers and adults.  Setting off from this we carry out training which we enliven by participating in various domestic and foreign festivals to make the students interested in our folk dances which are a part of our culture.

  • Aikido

Our aim in aikido is to be in harmony with yourself, with other people, nature and everything around us and fending off all negative things caused by disharmony. Furthermore, it is to teach the philosophy of a defence art that is very effective and does not require force.

  • Volleyball

The purpose in the volleyball sport school is to develop the physical, sportive and social skills of the students who attend, develop motor functions like coordination, rhythm, balance, perception speed and response speed necessary in a kinds of movements in the future life of our students with the training techniques practice with and without ball, get them interested in volleyball, development of the sense of ball and teaching volleyball in junior standards, making the child who will work together with his friends in the group acquire the sportive skills and sport culture which will enable him to understand team awareness and his place in the team and facilitate taking his place in society in the future.