The students in Kultur Primary School can select, compare, assess and interpret the information offered in Maths courses via active participation instead of taking passively and  accepting as gospel.

It is provided that students witness and understand the course through assumptions by discovering the world instead of a Math education in which disconnected and stable information and abilities become prominent. Each student realizes the entertaining side of Maths at Kultur Primary School and above all, we act in terms of  ‘Every child can learn Maths’ principle.

Maths provides all-purpose benefit and contribution on the development of individual with considering and problem solving ability. The way of thinking developed by the individual in solving a math question is similar with the way developed in solving a problem encountered in daily life. We aim to increase  the benefit to top level for each student with the math education realized within multiple intelligence theory by regarding the learning differences.

The acquisition levels of students are measured by evaluating at the end of the unit exams and tests. Thanks to these, their test solving abilities are developed. The extra studies are offered to our students, as well.