Turkish Language and Literature, which regards the mental processes of the students and shows unity, is applied in our school from the 1st grade to 3rd. The Turkish courses are covered with the studies including listening, speaking, reading writing, visual reading and visual presentation. Such education will definitely provide a great support to students throughout their educational life. One of the significant purposes of the course is to enable our students to gain a reading habit by thinking and investigating. Furthermore, the students acquire the abilities in our lessons at the end of primary school given below:

  • They raise as individuals whose mental abilities such as comprehending, ordering, grouping, relating, interpreting, making analysis and synthesis and evaluating are developed.
  • They love Turkish and use it carefully.
  • They become capable of giving speech in front of crowd.
  • The express themselves in written and verbal by using Turkish in a correct and effective way.
  • They watch at least 4 plays.
  • Reading becomes pleasure and a habit for our students.
  • They use techniques called research, revision, comparison and criticism while preparing studies.
  • They develop presentation abilities as individual or group.
  • They read at least 15 books each year and analyse them.