ScIence and SocIal StudIes

Before starting school, a child’s world is limited to an extent that their parents’ have and that they could provide to their child. School life enables the children to understand the world concept in a wider range by projecting them new opportunities. Children get the chance to know new people as well as experiencing new things with their new lives at school.

In their Humanities lessons, most of the time our students have the chance to do activities which will lead them to be more active learners instead of getting the knowledge directly from their teachers. The teachers serve as guides.

In a Humanities lesson, we aim that;

  • they can communicate, have the self management skills and work in teams cooperatively.
  • they enjoy learning.
  • they are in harmony within themselves, their environment and society.
  • they know, protect and improve themselves, nation and environment.
  • they gain the basic skills that they need to have in order to adapt themselves to the needs of the age they are living in.
  • they learn to be flexible according to the changing dynamics in order to adapt themselves to the conditions
  • they are happy people.

   We organize trips related to the topics that are covered in Humanities lessons.

Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students do experiments in guidance with their science teachers in every two weeks in correlation with the topics in their Humanities lessons. With this, our students have the chance to be familiar with the steps scientific process at the very beginning of the primary school years.  

After grade 4 students have Science and Technology, Social Studies and Religion lessons instead of Humanities.