ForeIgn Languages

Kultur College Primary School English Department aims to teach English in the best way with the program which is intended to gain listening, speaking, reading and critical thinking abilities within Istanbul Kultur Education Institutions philosophy. Developing the self-regard and self-confidence of our students, who are targeted to raise as independent individuals, are also emphasised. We create a reliable ambiance that students exchange their ideas and discuss the problems about learning. The graduatees having the  ability to represent their country are targeted to become individuals, who can express themselves in each kind of national and international platforms with respect to other cultures

  • The students are intended to;
    • acquire language skills with meaningful contexts,
    • recognize more than one classic and contemporary writers each year,
    • have information about different literature types,
    • develop their intellectual richness and critical thinking abilities,
    • support character educations,
    • make reading as an indispensable part of the life.

Other targets of English program are indicated as followings:

  • provide students to use grammar through reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • provide students to express themselves correctly and fluently in verbally and written in various ambiances.
  • constitute reading, writing and studying habits on sound basis by using different educational materials.
  • develop critical thinking in verbal and written forms.
  • develop research abilities.
  • reinforce the independent reading studies and develop the interest and creativity of the students by using technologic devices and systems during the course.
  • provide a confiding ambiance inside the class to enable students and teachers to be respectful to each other.
  • provide self-regard and self-confidence ambiance for the students.

English Lesson Culture Policy

The students who graduated from Kultur College Secondary School;

  • have general knowledge of the countries speaking English as official or native language.
  • are informed about the music, painting, traditions and holidays of mentioned countries in the books such as the U.S., UK and Africa.
  • do research about the incidents read in books to understand better and learn lesson by discussing the reasons and results (fellow pressure, inventions etc).
  • have information about the famous writers ranging from Brothers Grimm at 1st grade to William Shakespeare at 8th grade and they read their works (Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, Francesca Simon, Lauren Child, Robert Southey, Frank L. Baum etc).
  • have already read at least three awarded books (Charlie and Lola, Stone Soup, Flat Stanley etc).
  • recognize different types of literatures (short story, story, poem etc).
  • watch British TV channels, cartoons and movies in English and follow some foreign magazines which are suitable for their ages.

Our 4th grade students are introduced to German and Italian as their second and third foreign language in the Kültür Koleji Primary School in line with the philosophy of Istanbul Kültür Educational Institution. Our students chose either German or Italian language according to their skills and the guidance of their teachers at the end of this year. The aim of the second language chosen starting from the 5th grade is to make our students acquainted with German or Italian language, develop basic communication skills and grow up as a world citizen by getting to know different cultures.