Visual Arts courses aim to give general information on plastic arts which is a common expression language amongst all cultures and gain a perspective and ability to make interpretations on different art forms and views. With applied works it is aimed to develop the imagination, creativity and hand skills of our students.

  It is aimed that our students are aware of the following and especially the characteristics of drawing and colours,

  • Expressing himself through drawing and colours.
  • Creative, sensitive, confident and able to express himself through art,
  • Being able to interpret artworks,
  • Being able to establish positive relationships,
  • Being able to use imagination in design,
  • Being able to develop creative behaviours that they can use in every area,
  • Apprehending museum culture and the universality of Art,
  • Developing their skills in making aesthetic creations.

Teaching of basic elements of painting is begun in the first grade in Visual Arts course. It is proceeded with the application of a program that complements each other according to the level of the class. Visual Arts course is a lesson where feelings and thoughts are expressed. While the students express their inner world with the painting works they do in this lesson naturally they reveal the way they perceive their environment.

Visual Arts, Painting and Ceramic courses aim to have our student know and grasp artistic expression forms and express themselves.
It is aimed to have them grow up as creative and confident individuals who have learned to work individually and in a group.

In this contexts, a student graduated from “Kültür Primary School” in accordance with his age group characteristics and our predetermined targets have the following,

  • Likes arts and is able to define it.
  • His aesthetic senses are developed.
  • Grasps museum culture, art movements and universality of art.
  • Is sensetive of art events.
  • Is able to make two and three dimensional designs and apply them.
  • Has obtained artistic wealth by thinking of art branches in unison.
  • He has visited at least three of the art museums and galleries in Istanbul. Pera Museum and Istanbul Modern Arts Museum is amongst these.