Chess can be called, as a field which consists of many positive sides and also intellectual struggles. We can also approach chess as a method of correct thinking and it also can be thought of like life itself. Chess is a magical world which includes science, art and sport. We can raise children who can be punctual, fast-finishers, flexible and at the same time friendly, sociable and focused. Also who knew that losing is also a part of the game. We should not forget that the people who are good at playing chess are also the ones who have many different kinds of jobs. Dr. Emanuel Lasker, one of the world’s greatest scientists, also has the reputation for being the chess champion for 27 years and Mihail Botvinnik, who is a pioneer of computer chess and artificial intelligence are the two important examples. In order to raise students like this we have chess classes in our schools, we have this class once a week as a compulsory subject. We will finish this article with some phrases from the World Champions.

‘Chess is the art of analysis’

‘Chess is life’

‘Chess is above all a fight’

‘Chess is a fact in which the player is the one who acts and criticises and the main character at the same time. The most exciting part for me is that chess is a struggle among brains, thoughts and characters. Chess is a mirror of humanity which shows characteristic barriers’