The goal of Kültür College Middle School Mathematics Department is to encourage our students to believe that they can be good at mathematics. While doing so, the program prepared within the frame of our curriculum will embody mathematics lesson by associating it with the current life events for our students. Different learning methods are used within the class, considering the differences in learning. Open-ended questions are asked to make our students think and mind games are played in the lessons and the activity-based lessons are carried out. Through performance and project studies, students are encouraged to share their thoughts and use mathematics language. Our overall goal is to teach mathematics and mathematical thinking to our students. We believe that we can achieve our goal by systematically, carefully and patiently improving the ability to take responsibility. What is important in mathematics is to develop students’ problem-solving strategy and mathematical literacy. Our lessons are taught with an understanding that guides students in researching, producing knowledge, questioning, and educating students who can use what they have learned in other fields. 
In this age which technology and coding are essential, smart robot clubs such as Sphero-MBOT draw attention to the use of mathematics in different fields, making math lessons more fun with smart robots.

Remember that the universal language of development in all societies is Mathematics.