The Turkish lessons in our school are integrated with studies containing reading-understanding, listening-observing, speaking, writing and learning grammar. Our teachers aim to have our students develop various methods and techniques suitable for this five main skill area. Furthermore, our students acquire the following skills in Turkish lessons:

  • They like Turkish and use it carefully.
  • They reflect what they learn on their life and behaviour and learn the language skills in the best manner.
  • They grow up to make a speech in public.
  • They are able to express themselves verbally and in writing.
  • They can think critically; and interpret what they read see and hear.
  • They read at least 10 books every year and make various studies related with them.
  • They get to know the authors in Turkish and world literature with the chosen books.
  • They are introduced to at least 3 of the authors of the books they have read and make interviews with them.
  • They read works in different types, make comparisons related with them and start to develop their literary tastes.
  • They take reading as a pleasure and habit.
  • They form their taste in poetry by reading at least 8 poets and their poems every year.
  • They follow several columnists and bring their opinions related with them to the classes.
  • They know about the books of awarded authors of the children’s and youth literature and read at least 3 of them.
  • They know the characteristics of thought writing and write any kind of writing using these.
  • They watch at least 1 theatre play.
  • They apprehend the importance of language in the areas of thinking and communication and transfer this attainment to their whole life.
  • They learn and use research, reviewing, comparison and criticism methods while preparing projects.

They develop their presentation skills on an individual or group basis.