Our Purpose;

From the 4th grade till the end of the 8th grade our aim is  to have students who have developed curiosity in Science subjects ,searching skills, reading skills and discussing skills, have advanced problem solving ability and are able to use scientific process and principles.

All classes from the 1st grade to the 8th grade use the Science Lab effectively.

They learn the information on the subjects that are taught in the classes more easily, effectively and in a fun way through laboratory work on each subject from grade 4.

They display the products they make by using their talents and ability in our school.

Our students participate in social projects organized in cooperation with various agencies, institutes and municipalities to draw attention to the current environmental issues and lead in finding solutions for them.

They understand that the information they learn in Science lessons are not limited in classes but have their examples in daily life and they put them into life.

Our students who observe the issues around them and suggests solution for them conducts scientific project studies. They participate in international competitions and festivals with these works.