SocIal ScIences

Social Studies aim to make the students adapt to the various dimensions of social developments as the science of changing. Our students know that Social Sciences are important to achieve information society and make information a part of life. Our students believe that they will take the unique place they deserve only by absorbing the attainments of the social sciences lessons and being able to use and experience it in different areas. 

In this context, our aims for the students are;


  • It aims to have the individual know and like himself.

  • The individual feels valuable in every aspect.

  • It gives the awareness that an individual is free and unique.

  • It is ensured that he is an individual who product human rights and freedoms, investigates, produces and inquire.


  • He shares the developments lived in his country (economic, cultural, social, artistic and in sports) and what he notices in the evening news or newspaper headlines in class to follow up the current affairs.

  • Knows and protects the language, history and natural beauty of the place he lives in as a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

  • He apprehends the affects of Ataturk’s principles and reforms in the political, social and economic development of Turkey.

  • He has a general perspective regarding Turkish culture and history.

  • He knows the historical meaning and importance of the Turkish reforms realized under the leadership of Ataturk and provides answers for intellectual questions that may be asked on these.


  • Acting with the awareness that he is a part of humanity, he knows about the political, social and economical events that affects his country and other countries in the world

  • He comprehends the affects of the developments experienced in universal dimensions on the national area. He is able to make rational solution suggestions for global issues.