ForeIgn Languages

In line with the philosophy of Istanbul Kültür Educational Institution, Kültür Koleji Secondary School Department of English aims to make the students learn English well with a program to teach listening, speaking, writing and critical thinking skills. Care is also taken to have our students whom we aim to raise as independent individuals enhance their self-esteem and confidence. An environment in which the students feel confident is created to exchange thoughts, learn and discuss their problems relate with learning. It is aimed that the students who graduate from our school are global citizens respectable to different cultures who can express themselves in all kinds of national and international platforms, have the ability to represent their country.  

  • The followings are aimed with reading-based English program:
    • Acquiring language skills in meaningful context,
    • To learn about more than one classical and modern author,
    • To learn about different literary types,
    • To develop intellectual accumulation and critical thinking skills,
    • To support their character development,
    • To make reading an inseparable part of daily life.

Other aims of the English program are the following:

  • The students are made to use grammar correctly by means of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • The students are made to express themselves fluently and accurately in writing and verbally in various circumstances.
  • Reading, writing and studying habits of the students are established on solid basis by using different types of educational materials.
  • Critical thinking is developed verbally and in writing.
  • Research skills are developed.
  • The interests and creativity of the students are developed by the use of technological instruments and systems in class and their reading independently is reinforced.
  • A trusting learning environment is ensured to have the students and teacher act respectfully to each other.
  • The students are encouraged to feel self respect and confidence.

English Lesson Kültür Policy

Our students who are graduated from Kültür Koleji Secondary School;

  • Have general knowledge about the countries where the official or native language is English.
  • Have knowledge on the music, literature, fashion, traditions, national and religious holidays of the countries - India, America, England, Africa, etc. – which are mentioned in the books read and compare them with their own culture.
  • They research into the events mentioned in the books they read to understand the books better and take lessons from them by discussing the causes and results of these events. ( bullying, inventions and discoveries, global climate change, etc.)
  • They have knowledge about a wide range of famous authors like Brothers Grimm in the 1st grade and William Shakespeare in the 8th grade. (such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Emily Bronte, Jules Verne, Roald Dahl, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Neil Gaiman, Jeff Kinney)
  • They read modern and classical poems and plays, stories on different cultures and letters written on various subjects. They read articles, essays and biographies on social and current matters in non-fictional prose.
  • They read at least four awarded books (such as Horrid Henry, The Graveyard Book, Matilda, The Wimpy Kid).
  • They know about and can use literature types. (such as story, report, article).
  • They participate in panels, debates and international contests in English (such as JMUN and GEF)
  • They watch TV channels broadcasting in English, the movies, documents and contests in this language.
  • They follow the periodical publications in the original language and reach the information from the source.

Our 4th grade students are introduced to German and Italian as their second and third foreign language in the Kültür Koleji Primary School in line with the philosophy of Istanbul Kültür Educational Institution. Our students chose either German or Italian language according to their skills and the guidance of their teachers at the end of this year. The aim of the second language chosen starting from the 5th grade is to make our students acquainted with German or Italian language, develop basic communication skills and grow up as a world citizen by getting to know different cultures.