Every Student is Graduated Playing a Musical Instrument from Kültür Koleji

“Having the human emotions in the palm of its hand most amongst all arts the art with the highest power to enthral people is music.”

Teaching music lessons including the music cultures of our country and the world based on giving a common music repertory that protects, strengthens and develops our national unity and solidarity and thus enable the students to develop as a whole with their cognitive, psychomotor and affective behaviours is the philosophy of music courses in our school. Our students grow up as below individuals in line with this philosophy:

  • Uses basic music writing and elements (note).
  • Develop their music tastes and cultures by listening to music of different types.
  • Respects art and performers.
  • He can reach the specified target with the instrument he plays.
  • They are individuals who can willingly and voluntarily take part in social activities.

Instrument education is almost an indispensable part of music education. The instrument education starting from the 4th grade in our school is very important in developing certain skills along with abstract thinking skill. Hence, our students are directed to instruments like violin, guitar and percussion according to their talents and wishes and with consideration to their physical skills. Every Student is graduated playing an instrument from Kültür Koleji

Our students serve in school orchestrates and choruses as a result of the music education they get and find to display their efforts. The concerts performed are amongst the important events in terms of developing the self confidence of the students.