PhysIcal EducatIon

Ataturk says:

Sports is not only superiority in physical ability. Intelligence and morals help it. Strong people with limited intelligence and apprehension can not overcome people who are less strong but with sound intelligence and apprehension. I like the sportsmen who are intelligent, agile and also moral.

What is Physical Education? = What is sport?

Physical Education is to enable the physical and mental development of a person in accordance with the basic principles of National Education. A person’s living according to the rules of the society is connected with providing a good example in the relationships with each other, acting benevolently, respectful of human rights and being honest, healthy both mentally and physically. Physical Education plays an important part in the socializing of a person and finding his character and advancing on a correct path.

Sport is an activity embodied in various branches by specializing physical education activities and necessitating physiological, psychological, aesthetic and technical characteristics when done at a higher level, based on competition and surrounded by strict rules.

Sport embodies the purpose of advancing success and prevailing in a contest. People with more ability physically have to be chosen and the chosen ones have to be trained continuously and intensively. In real terms, sport is the intensive effort to increase the power of success and maximize it for the individual.

The most distinctive differences between Physical Education and Sport is that sport has strict rules and are contest-based activities. How the Physical Education Program of the Kültür Schools are planned and what forms its basis:

Us, as the Physical Education Teachers of the Kültür Schools plan the course program with consideration to the differences between Physical Education and Sport. Accordingly we divide the education period from the Pre-School to the 8th grade into 2 sections. The course content of the age group in the Pre-School, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades is planned with physical education activities that do not have strict rules and competition and that develop skills. The course content of the age group in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade are planned as sports activities in which abilities are turned into skills and competition environment comes to the forefront.

The target behaviours we consider giving our students are as follows:

1. To be able to explain the phrases expressed by Ataturk and philosophers on physical education and sports.

2. Development of nerve, muscle and joint coordination

3. Good posture habit

4. Being able to move to rhythm and music.

5. To be able to appreciate the value of nature and benefit from clean air and sun.

6. Apprehending the meaning and importance of national holidays and Independence Day and be eager to participate in the ceremonies.

7. Obtaining the basic knowledge, skills, attitude and habits related with the physical education and sports.

8. Benefiting from and protecting school resources.

9. Being able to undertake duties and responsibilities, following a leader and being a leader

10. Being confident, being able to make sound and quick decisions

11. To have information on sport instruments and facilities and using them properly

12. Obtaining the basic knowledge, skills, attitude and habits related with basic health rules and first aid

13. To obtain the habit of cooperation and acting together.

14. To be able to feel the Olympic spirit, in line with Fair-Play behaviours, adapting sport as a life philosophy and doing sports lifelong.

Extracurricular Activities

1. Club Activities

2. Winter School

3. Tournaments

4. Ski Camp

5. National Holidays and Celebrations

6. Summer School

1- Club Activities Yearly or semester trainings are provided for our students in various sport branches they prefer. Our purpose is to decrease the mental tiredness created by the intensive course program and make them have fun time in the branches they choose. The practices are planned as two hours a day weekly. The branches in which training is provided are Ballet, Modern Dance, Fencing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball.

2- Winter School Our winter school aims to enable the socializing of our students and students who are educated in other schools, make their free times productive, making them like sport and make it a part of their life by reaching out to more students are the aims of the Winter School. The practices are planned as 1 day in Saturday or Sunday. The branches in which training is provided are Movement Education, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. The students of our school and different schools in the 5-14 age-group are able to benefit from this practice.

3- Tournaments Our purpose in the contests we organize as school events in various branches periodically is to increase the interaction between classes, develop team spirit, enable school unity and solidarity and make the breaks enjoyable. Tournaments in Table Tennis, Soccer and Basketball branches are organized periodically for our students.

4- Ski Camp This is a practice which the students in all ages can participate for 1 week in the mid-term. Our students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades can participate with their families and students in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades can participate alone. Our students can take private lessons in the Uludağ Ski Camp.

5- National Holidays and Celebrations We prepare sport contests and dance shows to be held in the events programmed in school for the National Holiday and Celebration Weeks. We participate in the programs organized in the county my making our parade preparations. Our purpose in this practice is to ensure unity and solidarity and raise awareness about the importance of our national holidays.

6- Summer School To enable the socializing of our students and students who are educated in other schools, to make our students get relieved of the tiredness of the year, make the summer vacation productive and make them like sport by reaching out to more students are the aims of the Summer School. The students of our school and different schools in the 5-14 age groups are trained in 16 branches in the Summer School, 5 fun activities, visits to movies and trips are organized. SCHOOL TEAMS - SOCCER (YOUNG BOYS) - SOCCER (YOUNG BOYS – JUNIOR BOYS) - BASKETBALL (YOUNG BOYS – JUNIOR BOYS) - VOLLEYBALL (YOUNG GIRLS – JUNIOR GIRLS) - TABLE TENNIS (YOUNG BOYS – JUNIOR BOYS - GIRLS) - SWIMMING (YOUNG GIRLS – JUNIOR BOYS - JUNIOR GIRLS) - CHESS (YOUNG BOYS –GIRLS/ JUNIOR BOYS - GIRLS) - TENNIS (YOUNG GIRLS)