Summer ActIvIty School

As soon as the schools close, our summer school which includes many courses and school trips will start. Our summer school offers parents an environment in which their children both rest and get education while also having fun. The summer school offers sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, children’s athletics and educational games. It also offers art activities such as music, painting, chess, drama, creative art activities and modern dance. In addition, our students are provided with English education. The program also offers ice skating, horse riding, bowling, Xtrem, Aventures and Kidzmondo. Our summer school program ends with a closing ceremony. We believe that our students will have lots of fun during Kültür College Summer School program which will last 4 weeks. We would like to invite Kültür College students and students from other schools to be a part of this colorful and fun summer school offered by Kültür College.

Contact : 0212 559 04 88 – 1437