Summer ActIvIty School

Our summer school which starts right after the end of the school term has a very rich content with different branches and tours. Our summer schools offer the parents an environment in which their children can both rest and have fun and get education in their free time. Our summer school which contains sports training like soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming and educational plays and artistic education like music, ceramic sculpture, drama and modern dance is also supported with English teaching. It is also enlivened by activities like ice skating, riding, bowling, climbing wall and movies.  Our summer school ends with a closing ceremony every year. The students who attend the Kültür Koleji Secondary Summer School spend enjoyable, lively and high quality time during those four weeks. The students who are between the ages of 4 and 14 are all welcome to participate in this colourful and lively period offered by the Kültür Koleji Secondary Summer School.