Kültür Science High School Mathematics Department is  made up of a team of dynamic teachers who constantly renew themselves by doing team work,  develop themselves in the scientific direction, work with appropriate education techniques and respond to their students with a sense of responsibility. We know that "every student can learn and understand mathematics when it is supported by appropriate conditions and necessary information." Based on this philosophy  ,

Our students;

 will be able to understand mathematical concepts and systems,

will be able to relate between them and  transfer these concepts into everyday life,

will be able to keep up with the changes that modern technology requires,

 will be able to gain abstract thinking ability,

will also be able to equip themselves with basic mathematical knowledge and skills required in higher education.

After being into the mathematical point of view,  the aim is  to make students ask  and examine the questions , enjoy learning  and manage to reach the top of their own  capacity.

With the maths teaching in our school, we are building infrastructe of being a scientist at Science School. In our school, we teach math achievements  with the sensibility of structured education and observing the  individual differences.

We are having geometry lessons taking the care of axiomatic structure (proof and drawing method), analytical vector hand approches, on the base of conceptual learning, discovery of problems, hipothesis, generalization, attribution and seeing the differences of our students’ visual abilities, we help them to make developments

We give importance to the projects for our students who are curious and interested in maths.

In this context, we organize Project groups for Tubitak and similar institutions.  We also improve our students’ anlytical analysis by guiding them for the national and international maths competitions

Eager students are introduced to the the laughing face of the mathematics with the Mind Games studies,  are therefore given the responsibility of planned work and the opportunity of working with a team.

 Considering the indispensability of using technology today, our technologically equipped classrooms are also equipped with computer softwares to make our students benefit from technology.

Within the framework of STEM trainings, students are given performance and project assignments with interdisciplinary cooperation and mathematical modeling studies are thereby carried out.