TurkIsh Grammer and LIterature


To raise individuals whose social aspects are high, who has reconciliation with art and literature, who is creative, productive, and self-confident besides their academic achievements


Our aim is to accumulate the students for the followings at the end of the academic year.

Our students..

- have adopted the secular and democratic social order attached to Ataturk's principles.

·         embraced a secular and democratic society

·         are sensitive to the nature and the environment

·         can use their mother languages carefully, securely

·         can express their ideas effectively

·         can follow global developments as a contemporary world man.

·         can get  the reading habit

·         Know how to achieve the knowledge and have an inquisitorial point of view

·         Are aware of human and ethical values

·         Have the ability of speaking to the community

·         Know the famous writers of Turkish and World Literature

·         acquire the information and equipment needed to succeed in university exams


- We have lessons focus on writing and speaking accurately

- We have activities such as;  reading hours, books overviewing, visiting book fairs and libraries,  

   giving exams on novels to gain reading habit

-They learn how to appeal the crowd with the help of presentations they make in class.

- with the help of the competitions such as; short film competitions, Wall paper competitions, their  

  creavity ability stands out.

- A student-cantered course based on thinking and producing is processed

- Participation in national and international competitions is provided.

-, they participate in the debate contest after following the trainings given at the Debating Club

- Creative writing activities are carried out in the quality of the school antology.
- Trips to artistic and literary museums in our city or in the immediate surroundings are organized.
- Literary magazines are introduced.
- Planned studies and individual studies are organized for the preparation of higher education institutions.
-The course is taught with methods that will enable us to reach universal works.
- Within the scope of university exam preparation, adequate tests are solved and applications are made.


By ensuring that our students learn how to reach and apply what they learn, using analysis, synthesis, comparison, interpretation power and having a developed critical point of view.

 we want them to take part in society as self-sufficient, cumulative individuals. We plan our events accordingly.
In the line with the vision of our schools, while giving a general language and literature culture in  our Turkish language and Literature lessons  we also see that university exam success is also an important goal  so the university preparation studies have an important place in our lessons.
From time to time, We invite artists to our school to have our students exchange ideas on signature  or chat days.

By organizing General Culture and Information competitions, we provide an environment where our students can test their knowledge and culture

With the "Presentation Activity" we organize every year, we prepare the ground for our students to be able to talk to the community and become self-confident individuals.

Wall Newspaper Event "gives students the opportunity to explore the creative features

Social club activities such as Radio Club, Television Club, Photography Club, Debating Club continue under our responsibility and allow our students to discover different abilities and trends

In the annual literary magazine "Anthology" we place  creative writings of our students
Head of Language Department