SocIal ScIences

Social Sciences are the group of academic disciplines examining humanitarian and social aspects of life and the world. The fact that Social Sciences arethe discipline examining change and continuitybased on humanity and they aim at socializing the individual has let the discipline to gain an effective role.

Private Kültür Science High School Social Sciences Department includes History, Geography, Philosophy, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge courses.


 They have adherence to Ataturk's principles and revolutions

  • They volunteer to adopt national and contemporary values.
  • They have awareness of national and universal identity.
  • They have power to interpret the present and the future by deriving lessons from the past.
  • They are willing to recognize their homeland and the world starting from their geography.
  • They adopt democracy culture and respect democratic values and human rights.
  • They have ability in terms of human rights, citizenship duties and the fight against any odds in life.
  • They learn how to solve social problems by benefiting from interdisciplinary knowledge, concepts, theories and methods.
  • They strive to be effective in social life.
  • They are aware and conscious about the problemsof the country and the world.
  • They think critically, solve problems and become creative.
  • They questions, searches for perfection and gainsa productive identity.
  • They examine the process as regards people, society and the world from different angles and think scientifically.
  • They have the necessary requirements to be successful in university exams.