ForeIgn Language


Our vision is to educate our students using the most uptodate and modern methods and techniques to have them ready for the upcoming years,and the responsibilites that they shall have in the modern world.


Our mission is to educate/prepare our students by providing them with the necessary language skills to make them global citizens.


Our objective is to make the students grasp the  importance of knowing multiple languages in the modern world and in the business life that they will have and to maket hem realize that learning a language is not a lesson but a way of improving yourself as a whole.

Academically speaking, our objective is to take the students from the A1 level and get the students up to C1 level at the end of their highschool years.


Our lessons are of student based nature and the comprehension and learning processes are actively absording the knowledge and applying them periods. We pay extra attention to students’ active learning rather than passive knowledge of language skills.

We prefer to apply the communicative approach in our teaching thereby aiming to maket he students speak as much as they possibly can.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives we follow the learning and processing sequence as reading, using readers, and smart boards to support that with visiual and audial materials.

We aim to educate our students as individuals who can think analytically and who knows how “to learn” first of all. They are to be relentless learners and to be strong when facing problems and come up with solutions, always. To achieve this we are using various materials such as novels, videos, magazines, quizes, projects.

Basicly we what happens is;

·         Text and materials of different levels and variety are used.

·         The subjects are consolidated through class activities.

·         The ability to use the foreign language is consolidated through special and different projects.

·         Student-centered methods are used in order to develop the ability to speak the foreign language and role-playing, discussions, group work, pair work, and work stations are applied.

·         In order to observe the development of our students objectively, Cambridge Tests are used.

·         They practice reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

·         They can establish links with other sciences.

·         They can see cause-and-effect relationships in the studies.

·         They understand the importance of taking responsibility in foreign language education.

·         They are self-confident so, they have the ability to make contacts.

·         They gain cultural awareness.

·         They stay at the mediums where they can practice what they have learned.